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    A search and rescue crew member is a critical role that demands a lot of training on and off the water and willingness to remain within 15 minutes of the station during designated on-call shifts.

    Please note that Crew Member are expected to assist the Station by assisting with one or more of the volunteer activities listed in the Supporting Member Questionnaire above.

    It is expected that crew members:
    Attend training sessions every Wednesday and Sunday
    Remain on-call and within 15 minutes of the station for 1 full weekend each month (Friday 6pm to Sunday 6pm)
    Cover additional on-call shifts throughout the week​
    Work with the supporting society

    In General, which shifts would you most likely be able to remain on-call within 15 minutes of the station?
    2400 - 0600 Night Crew0600 - 1200 Day Crew1200 - 1800 Day Crew1800 - 2400 Night CrewIt will vary with work/school schedule.
    What is your travel time to Ogden Point (in minutes)?

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