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    A search and rescue crew member is a critical role that demands a lot of training on and off the water and willingness to remain within 15 minutes of the station during designated on-call shifts.

    Please Note: Crew Members are expected to assist the Station with one or more of the support activities listed below.

    - Fundraising
    - Special Events (Parades, Etc.)
    - Vessel Maintenance
    - Volunteer Coordination
    - Crew Recruitment
    - Public Outreach & Marketing
    - Boating Safety Awareness Initiatives
    - Accounting & Treasury
    - Joining the non-profit VMRS Board
    - Grant Writing

    It is expected that crew members:
    Attend training sessions every Wednesday @ 18:30
    Attend monthly station meeting (2nd Wednesday of the month)
Remain on-call and within 15 minutes of the station for 1 full weekend each month (Friday 18:30 to Monday 06:30)
Cover additional on-call shifts throughout the week
    Work with the supporting society

    In General, which shifts would you most likely be able to remain on-call within 15 minutes of the station?
    00:30 - 06:30 Night Crew06:30 - 12:30 Day Crew12:30 - 18:30 Day Crew18:30 - 00:30 Night CrewIt will vary with work/school schedule.
    What is your travel time to Ogden Point (in minutes)?

      Contact Information

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      FundraisingSpecial Events (Parades, Etc.)Vessel MaintenanceVolunteer CoordinationCrew RecruitmentPublic Outreach & MarketingBoating Safety Awareness InitiativesAccounting & TreasuryJoining the non-profit VMRS BoardGrant Writing